Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jennifer Damiano is Full of Win [What's on my screen???]

There's a gnat on my laptop screen. Do I kill it, or blow it away, or just let it be? Hmmm...

Oh, Jennifer Damiano. You may know her as a cast member/Ilse/Martha/Wendla (supposedly) from Spring Awakening. [She was the understudy for Ilse/Martha/Wendla.] Or you may know her for her Tony nominated performance in the newest cult rock opera "Next to Normal". She plays Natalie, the angry daughter of mentally unstable Diana [played by the fierce Alice Ripley].

If you can't tell, that's Jenn on the left. (Only pic I had of her, sorry!) Gabe [Aaron Tveit] is 'Alive, alive, soooo alive' and Natalie is 'invisible girl'. Poor Nat. ):

Anyway, the point of this whole post is these three videos:


The 1st one is a cut song from N2N: Growing Up Unstable.
The 2nd one is 'The Dark I Know Well' from Spring Awakening.
The 3rd is Hey #1 from N2N.
^^ Yeah, um, from the Hey video... I LOVE HENRY. Sorry; just wanted to point that out.

Notice how Jenn rules in everything she does. She's made of Win, and I see a long successful future ahead for her. Hopefully I'll be able to see her in N2N very soon. (:

The gnat left. :party:
-Allison <3

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hair, Hair, Hair Hair Hair, Ha Ha Hair!

In case it isn't so blatantly obvious that, um, I saw the musical Hair (d'oh), I'm gonna say it again.
Now, I could launch into a rant of how cool their lights were when Claude hallucinated. Or how freaking amazing the music is. Or how the some of the cast actually came up to me, despite the fact that I was in the last row of the balcony. Or how I saw the amazingly gifted/adorable Allison Case (who happened to be Nemo in Finding Nemo the musical in Disney World when I saw it!) Or how almost all of the tribe signed my playbill!

Or I could just skip to the part where I mention the fact that I have a picture with Gavin Creel.

Subtle? I fail at that.
And I could bore you all with the way that I didn't scare any b'way performers this time while at the stage door, but that doesn't make it very interesting, now, does it?

So... I'm off to pathetically attempt to write something before my writing camp tomorrow. Ack. I'm so self concious about my works that it's not even funny. EEEEEEEEP!
-Allison <3

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Day But Todayyyyy

I have the last performance of RENT on DVD (legally- buy it on Amazon or Borders or something). Well, last night I thought it would be a heck of a fun time to watch it... at 11:30 pm. Since I watched the first act on Easter at 11, it was only fitting. Well, I had my craptastic laptop set up, put it on my bed, sat up awkwardly, and watched it.

And, like any human being should do when they watch this, I cried. Legit.
I'll Cover You (reprise): I got teary-eyed at this. Angel is one of the most beautiful fictional characters ever imagined, and I really missed her/him.
Goodbye Love: The version I had involved a lot of yelling, a lot of angst, and tears. I wasn't so fond of Benny, I'll admit, and on youtube a lot of people bash this Roger; he yells a lot and reacts violently. My way of looking at it: The guy obviously has baggage, and everything is just peaking- he's confused, he's angsting, he doesn't know what to do. He's going to Santa Fe to escape everything. Oh, right, how I reacted. The Mimi was amazing, and as she cried I felt a tear or two roll down my face as well.
Finale A: Everything is happy until Maureen comes in. I looked at Mimi and thought "OMG NOOOOO"... even though I know the ending. That teary-eyed feeling that 'What you Own' got rid of came back. And I really wanted to hear this Roger's interpretation of 'Your Eyes'.
Your Eyes: It was amazing. I gripped onto the laptop for dear life, and if my eyes weren't so dry from...well...heredity(?)...I would have been bawling. I cried. A lot. Even though I knew Mimi came back to life. Will Chase is a musical idol. That's just it; he simply oozes with amazingness that few in life know how to acheive. It melted my heart, and the interactions between Mimi and Roger made my heart flutter and break. Well, I've only seen the movie version prior to this, and this kick's the movie's butt. Beautiful.
Finale B: I mentioned that this was the last showing, so I think all the actors and actresses put their hearts into it. With melancholy, I hummed the last couple bars "no day but today". Then I realized that it was wayy past midnight and if my parents found me with my laptop at midnight they would be suspicious. (Yeah, I wasn't supposed to be on exactly, but c'es la vie.)

I rewatched the last half hour earlier today, had the same reactions BUT... I was logged in on AIM, so...well...
But it took all yearrr
*Guitar playing*
Your eyes
As we said our goodbyes...

That kinda killed it.

Random: I have 2 diff perfumes on: Harajuku Music, and Vera Wang Rock Princess. LUFF THEMMMMMM! Too bad I'm broke... -_-


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All that's Kn0wn...

Today I went to the movies with my friend. She's my friend, yet doesn't know that my hatred for the recent Disney movies runs as deep as the Atlantic. Anyway, I wheedled her into sweeing Kn0wing instead of Hannah Montana. Due to the lack of movies that didn't involve racy cars, drugged teens, or drama blonde-wigged queens, all the old matinee people decided to see Kn0wing. You could smell the medication as soon as you walked into the theater.

The movie was bizzare. Good but bizzare; the type of bizarre that's best in small approx. 2 hour doses. I sat there wondering two things:
1) Now, were they aliens or what?
2) Why does my jaw keep acting up?

Also, I absolutely detest when obnoxious people sitting behind me decide to play Captain Obvious. "Oh look; he has a gun." "Oh look, he has a hearing aid." "Oh look, he's a boy!" (Well, maybe not the last one...)

At least it wasn't like my Twilight debacle: "Lyke, OMG, why is he so pale?"
I'm not even going to blog about the whole 'bad' vs. 'good' vampire convo. That's for another time.

Another time, another place, another day... NO DAY BUT TODAYYYYYYYY.

Why, no, I don't have a problem!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

To days of inspiration...

Hi, I'm Allison and I procrastinate. See, I procrastinated BEDA until April 13, if that's any clue. I mean, when I'm doing "homework" there's so many other things I could be doing:
1) Write fanfiction.
2) Read fanfiction.
3) Write reviews to fanfiction.
4) Reply to reviews from my fanfics.
5) Go on youtube.
6) Go blog.
7) Go read blogs.
8) Yahoo! Answer
9) Take quizzes to see what celebrity would be my prom date.
10) Harmonize one, multiple, or all of the following songs:
a) Without You- RENT
b) My Junk- Spring Awakening
c) Those You've Known- Spring Awakening
d) Tango Maureen- RENT
e) I'm Not That Girl- Wicked
f) I Feel Pretty- West Side Story
g) In the Heights- ... In the Heights
h) Positive- Legally Blonde the Musical
i) Out Tonight- RENT
j) Light my Candle- RENT
k) Another Day- RENT
l) The Dark I Know Well- Spring Awakening
m) Goodbye Love- RENT
n) All That's Known- Spring Awakening
o) Mama Who Bore Me (And it's reprise)- Spring Awakening
[So much to add... but you get the picture.]
11) Go on AIM
12) Eat cereal, popcorn, and or hot chocolate.
13) Watch George Lopez, or whatever is on Nick at Nite! (Note, once Chamber of Secrets was on Disney Channel starting at 10 pm.)

I can't do anything productive unless I'm forced. This is a bad thing because I go back to writing camp at the end of June. I still have to get a large chunk done out of my novel so I can go back and say that I did do more than schizofrenic poetry and fanfiction. Phwoar. :/

Also, inspiration strikes when I least want it to. Like for instance, I'll get random poetic phrases into my brain while "running" (trudging) laps in gym class. But can I write it down? Um, no; I keep a notebook in my purse, but I can't bring that out for gym. By the time I can find a pen and a notebook, it's gone. ):

In conclusion, I'm channeling my inner Mark Cohen by wearing a sweater, scarf, glasses while I dance onto tables singing "To days of inspiration, playing hooky, making something out of nothing, the need to express to communicate. To going against the grain, going insane, going maaaaaaaad."

In reality, I'll wear my pink Hershey's sweatshirt, and look at my freakishly large stuffed bear who has a scarf and glasses on, and I'll sing that to the best of my abilities onto the sofa.

Song of the day: Noel by Josh Groban. I have no idea where that came from.