Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All that's Kn0wn...

Today I went to the movies with my friend. She's my friend, yet doesn't know that my hatred for the recent Disney movies runs as deep as the Atlantic. Anyway, I wheedled her into sweeing Kn0wing instead of Hannah Montana. Due to the lack of movies that didn't involve racy cars, drugged teens, or drama blonde-wigged queens, all the old matinee people decided to see Kn0wing. You could smell the medication as soon as you walked into the theater.

The movie was bizzare. Good but bizzare; the type of bizarre that's best in small approx. 2 hour doses. I sat there wondering two things:
1) Now, were they aliens or what?
2) Why does my jaw keep acting up?

Also, I absolutely detest when obnoxious people sitting behind me decide to play Captain Obvious. "Oh look; he has a gun." "Oh look, he has a hearing aid." "Oh look, he's a boy!" (Well, maybe not the last one...)

At least it wasn't like my Twilight debacle: "Lyke, OMG, why is he so pale?"
I'm not even going to blog about the whole 'bad' vs. 'good' vampire convo. That's for another time.

Another time, another place, another day... NO DAY BUT TODAYYYYYYYY.

Why, no, I don't have a problem!!


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  1. Oh, God. The premire for Twilight was awful. So much screaming...so little sense.
    And I agree, what happened to the classic sing a long disney movies?